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Arrested Thief Takes Brother’s Name To Mislead Police

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Sonora, CA — Tuesday Sonora Police officers arrested a male Sacramento resident along with two female Sacramento residents regarding the theft of a number of items from Blockbuster stores in Angels Camp and Sonora.

With no identification on his person, the individual identified himself as Dwayne Clay Cathen. When the real Dwayne Clay Carthen learned of the arrest through his mother he immediately contacted authorities informing them that he is an undergraduate intern in the Sacramento County District Attorney´s Office and was at work the day of the thefts. According to Dwayne Cathen, Clarence has in the past made use of his brother´s identity in response to traffic tickets. This time he used his brother´s name because he had a felony no bail warrant out of Sacramento for grand theft and violation of probation.

A Department of Justice fingerprint check confirmed that the arrested individual was Dwayne´s brother, 25 year old Clifford Clarence Cathen III.

Officials at the Tuolumne County Jail have been contacted by Dwayne Cathen and the mistaken identity has been corrected.

In addition to theft charges Clifford Clarence Cathen III has been booked into the County Jail on the additional charges of felony false impersonation of another and felony no bail warrant for grand theft and violation of probation.

Written by Bill Johnson