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CAO Voices Concerns Over State Budget To Supervisors

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Sonora, Ca — Tuolumne CAO Craig Pedro took time to discuss the state legislative budget compromise before the Board of Supervisors this morning.

?The good news is that there is no suspension of Prop 1A or Prop 42, which was our highest priority,? said Pedro. ?There is, however, heavy reliance on internal borrowing of funds and delayed payments. They (legislature) use the term, so I´ll use the term, there´s ?gimmicks´ involved that they call budgeting. It is really balancing the budget by advancing peoples tax burdens and responsibilities. In my book that´s not true budgeting, that´s cash management.?

Pedro added that other highlights of the budget include the Williamson Act being funded at 90 percent and the Rural Sheriff´s Grant program appearing to be fully funded. He added that more will be known about the budget in the coming weeks, as information is released on what programs could be facing cuts.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has threatened to veto the $145 billion spending plan, as he feels it does not adequately address budget reform.

Written by BJ Hansen