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Horse Falls From Trailer

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Jessica Haynie, the Motherlode Roundup Queen, was Friday morning´s KVML Newsmaker to discuss a traffic accident along Hwy 108, where a horse tumbled out of its trailer.

Haynie´s Mom and several friends were driving towards Cold Springs, towing a horse trailer on Labor Day, when the accident occured. A twenty five year old female horse named Nine Mile Hobby, fell out of the trailer at an estimated 40 miles per hour. It is unknown what specifically caused the accident.

Hobby has a fractured pelvis and significant road burn and because of the fractured pelvis, Hobby is tied so that she stands straight up and will not be able to lay down for at least the next 30 days. Fluid has been drained from her hip.

Haynie said, “The first night of vet bills alone was over $1,000 but the horse means so much to the entire family and this was never a matter of whether or not we should keep her alive. Hobby´s will to live is strong as immediately following the accident, she got up and went back into the trailer.”

During the Groveland 49er Festival, which takes place on Saturday Sept 20th, Haynie will hold a raffle to help pay for vet bills. Haynie can be reached at 768-6291.

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Written by Mark Truppner