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Jacksonville Bridge Over Lake Don Pedro Will Close For One Week

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Jamestown, Ca — The Jacksonville Bridge which travels over Lake Don Pedro will be closed down all of next week as crews will be repairing an expansion joint.

?The only people that are really going to be affected might be those on the Jamestown side of the bridge that need to get to Groveland,? says County Road Superintendent Barry Bynum. ?They will have to backtrack through the Jamestown area and take the highway. But, the travel times from most other areas using the Hwy 108/120 corridor will essentially be the same. The distance is a little longer in mileage, but the speeds are greater.?

Work will begin Monday morning, September 8th at eight o´clock, and will conclude on Friday, September 12th at 5pm. Bynum estimates that around 2,000 vehicles travel over the bridge daily.

Written by BJ Hansen