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CHP To Target DUI and Seatbelt Violators During Labor Day Weekend

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Jamestown, CA — The Sonora area office of the Highway Patrol will initiate a Maximum Enforcement Period Friday evening at six o´clock.

Commander Mike Ayala stated, “I want this Labor Day Holiday weekend to be a safe time with friends and family. All available officers will be on the road looking for DUI drivers and safety belt violators.”

Ayala added, “Approximately half the people killed in Tuolumne County during 2007 were not wearing their safety belts. That´s a simple precaution every driver and passenger should take to increase his or her safety on the highway.”

Ayala added that the Sonora Pass Safety Corridor Project, Arrive Alive, that covers Hwy 108 from the Stanilaus County line to the Pinecrest turnoff, will be active during this holiday period. Officers will be on extended shifts writing citations for speeding and seatbelts while looking for impairied drivers.

Written by Bill Johnson