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Chamber Selects Selesia Over Bass In District One

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Sonora, CA — After interviewing the District One supervisorial candidates, Incumbent Liz Bass and Challenger Randy Selesia, the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce Independent Political Action Committee voted to endorse the latter.

Chamber President and CEO George Segarini stated that both runoff candidates answered the same questions separately and as far as the committee was concerned Selesia was the more favorable choice from a business perspective.

The Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors have adopted the recommendations of the Governmental Affairs Council for propositions on the November 4 General Election ballot.

Proposition One – High-speed Passenger Train Bond Act; OPPOSE

Proposition Two – Confining Farm Animals; OPPOSE

Proposition Three – Children´s Hospital Bond Act; OPPOSE

Proposition Four – Waiting Period For Pregnancy Termination; NO POSITION

Proposition Five – Non-Violent Drug Offenses, Sentencing, etc.; OPPOSE

Proposition Six – Police & Law Enforcement Funding; NO POSITION

Proposition Seven – Renewable Energy Generalization; OPPOSE

Proposition Eight – Eliminates Right Of Same Sex Couples To Marry; NO POSITION

Proposition Nine – Criminal Justice System, Victims Rights; OPPOSE

Proposition Ten – Alternative Fuel Vehicles-Renewable Energy; OPPOSE

Proposition Eleven – Redistricting Initiative; SUPPORT

Proposition Twelve – Veterans Bond Act; SUPPORT

Click California Propositions for a detailed summary of the 12 November 4 General Election propositions.

Written by Bill Johnson