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Chamber Of Commerce Supports Keeping Railtown 1897 Open

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Jamestown, CA — Keeping Railtown 1897 open to the public was the theme of the Thursday evening Chamber of Commerce Mixer.

The historical significance of the Jamestown site is near and dear to the heart of Paul Hammond, the Sacramento History & Railroad Sector Museum Director. Hammond commented that Railtown 1897 is one of only two roundhouse shop complexes remaining in all of North America.

Kathy Daigle, the associate director of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, Railtown Park Superintendent Mark Hada, Chamber President and CEO George Segarini and Chamber Chairman Jim Costello all spoke in behalf of keeping the state park open to the general public. Railtown 1897 draws approximately 70,000 tourists a year.

Daigle added that the governor´s office has received well over 30,000 e-mails regarding the possible closure of 48 state parks due to the current fiscal crisis in Sacramento.

As for the general public, the best way to make your feelings known regarding the potential closure of Railtown 1897, according to Costello, is to contact your state representatives. In the case of Tuolumne County it would be Senator Dave Cogdill and Assemblyman Tom Berryhill.

The Sacramento office phone number for Senator Cogdill is (916) 651-4014. The Sacramento office phone number for Assemblyman Tom Berryhill is (916) 319-2025.

Written by Bill Johnson