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Mother Lode Christmas M.E.P. Stats Finalized

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Jamestown & San Andreas, CA — The Mother Lode C.H.P. offices in Tuolumne and Calaveras counties respectively have finalized their Maximum Enforcement Period (M.E.P.) statistics for the Christmas weekend.

According to Officer Mike Remmel Tuolumne County had three accidents and five D.U.I. arrests over the 78 hour M.E.P. Last year there were 18 accidents and only one D.U.I. arrest.

The five arrested for driving under the influence; 46 year old Wanda M. Griffin of Sonora (12/24 arrest date), 26 year old Dustin B. Farrell of MiWuk Village (12/24 arrest date), 31 year old Arend L. Minners of Sonora (12/25 arrest date), 46 year old Richard Lopez of Empire (12/26 arrest date) and 44 year old Dion A. Gomez of Fremont (12/26 arrest date). 

In Calaveras County Officer Becky Myers reports four accidents and three D.U.I. arrests this year as compared to 10 accidents and four D.U.I. arrests last year.

The three D.U.I.s were 19 year old Michael Colemen of Valley Springs (12/24 arrest date), 33 year old Opie Lemmon of Coulterville (12/25 arrest date) and 28 year old Myndie Towler of Valley Springs (12/26 arrest date).

Both officers commented that the high number of accidents a year ago was due to the Christmas weekend freeze.

No fatalities were reported in either county this year.

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