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Cogdill Speaks About Budget To Tuolumne County Supervisors

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Sonora, CA – 14th District Republican State Senator Dave Cogdill spoke at Tuesday’s Tuolumne County Supervisors meeting and painted a sour picture regarding the state’s growing budget deficit.

“My gut tells me that what you are going to see is a ‘get out of town’ style budget where they will rely on iffy assumptions and proposals to raise revenue,” says Cogdill. “Somehow they will get the document to come together on paper, pass it, but we know the problem really won’t be solved.”

The deficit is projected to grow to around $21-26 billion over the next year and a half.

Cogdill also briefed the Supervisors on the $11.1 billion water package that will go before voters in November of next year. Cogdill stated, “I’m surprised, to put it mildly that we got it done. We’ve fought this battle for three years and every little thing you try to do causes a problem for someone. To get a two thirds vote in the legislature and have it signed by the Governor is monumental.”

Cogdill spoke to the Supervisors at 10:30am.

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