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Special Interests Controlling California’s Water Issues

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Sacramento, CA — Tuolumne Utilities District General Manger Pete Kampa is of the mindset that the current water issues in California are being controlled by special interest groups.

Reached in Sacramento this morning Kampa commented, "The main problem for the Mother Lode is the fact that we are an area of origin of the water supplies that flow down to the Delta and the regulations that they’re to put into place are looking for additional water to flow into the Delta and so they’re looking upstream to try and move our water down there by regulation. 

This is really disturbing because right now and in the future we’re going to need our water supplies as the Delta issue gets hotter and hotter. They’re going to be looking for more and more water to make sure that their obligations to southern California are met and we don’t want to be the ones to supply that water free of charge. That’s for sure.

The special interest groups are just trying to cross the aisle a little bit and get a few Republican votes on the policy language and the Republicans are looking to get the future water supplies, storage and conveyance needs of the state dialed in.

They (the Republicans) want to get a little bit of funding in this bond bill to make sure future supplies are secured.

That’s my interest today is meeting with Senator Cogdill’s staff to talk about funding, making sure there is funding for the Mother Lode in the future."

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