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Backup Battery For Garage Door Openers The Law

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Sonora, CA – It’s an easy click and up comes the garage door, but now not having a backup power source for that device could cost homeowners.

Due to a new law, any automatic garage doors sold in California after July 1, must include a backup battery so in the event of a power outage the door can still open. It can be a costly convert as a new battery backup door runs around $500.

Surprisingly, it’s equipment some homeowners in the state were already installing. That is ever since PG&E announced its Public Safety Power Shutoff Program, detailed here, to combat wildfires as they did not want to be stranded with their vehicles stuck inside. There is a $1,000 fine for homeowners and installers for hooking up models without power backup.

This is just the start as another state law regarding safety changes to garage doors is coming in January. It requires a special gasket that seals the door to prevent embers from blowing into a garage and potentially starting a fire inside the home.