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C.H.P. Says Prepare For Snow

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C.H.P. Officer and Spokesperson Mike Remmel was Friday’s KVML "Newsmaker of the Day".


Although it is to early to put studded tires on your car, this is the time of year to prepare for Winter.

Find or buy, your tire chains and make sure that they fit your tire size.  Carry the chains in your car beginning now as a new storm system is forecast for the Sierra Nevada next week.

Remmel says that he is concerned about Halloween this year as it falls on a Saturday night. That could mean more children out at later hours and more traffic as adults are driving to their own events and parties.

Make your kid visible with glo-sticks or reflective tape.

Finally Remmel said that the cell phone compliance in Tuolumne County has been dismal and he reminds all drivers that driving while talking on a hand held cell phone is against the law (so is texting). Use a wireless device if you must talk at all. Children under the age of 18 are not even allowed to use a wireless device.

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