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Forest Thinning In Pinecrest Recreation Area

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Pinecrest, CA – A project is underway in the Stanislaus National Forest designed to improve the health of the forest within the Pinecrest Recreation Area.

"We’re seeing that the pine component of the natural forest is very quickly becoming the minority, and the shade tolerant firs are taking over," says Karen Caldwell, District Ranger. "We’re also seeing an increase in insect and disease as the trees are stressed competing for water."

Fray Logging company has received a contract to cut and remove some small cedar, pine and fir trees from the cabin areas and commercial center, day use area, and campgrounds. Small trees are being cut into 18 inch lengths for firewood, some left for cabin owners, and the rest to be given to local charities.

Trees cut that are not suitable for firewood will be piled and burned when conditions allow for safe burning. Tree slash is being chipped and scattered within the day use area and campgrounds to reduce soil erosion and improve soil water retention.

Officials hope that the work will be completed before the first major snowfall.

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