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T.U.D. Taking Proactive Steps To Reduce Effects Of Natural Disasters

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Sonora, CA — A recent study assessed the vulnerability of the Tuolumne Utilities District’s water supply and Main Canal in the event of a natural disaster.

“Consultants were able to define fire as the greatest risk to the Main Canal,” says Tom Scesa, T.U.D. Engineer. “Their fire modeling shows that the flumes along the Main Canal could be damaged or destroyed within a relatively short period of time. The prediction is that if a fire started along South Fork Rd. at the bridge, it would take less than 24 hours for it to get to Lyons Reservoir.”

Scesa says that if that were to occur, it would cut off the water supply to a large portion of T.U.D. customers.

The Main Canal falls under the ownership of PG&E and is the primary water source for T.U.D. It consists of a series of flumes and ditches that transports water from Lyons Reservoir to the Section Four Ditch that T.U.D. maintains.

The T.U.D. Board of Directors has directed the team of consultants to work with the District in coming up with a list of measures that could reduce vulnerability to fire. The list will go before the Board of Directors and the public at a later date.

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