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Berryhill Comments On Sacramento Budget Process

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Sacramento, CA — Assemblyman Tom Berryhill knows full well the clock is ticking as time runs out on legislators trying to reach a compromise on a new budget.

Berryhill commented, “Last week people on the other side of the aisle were talking about a potential $8 billion tax increase to help ease the financial crisis. Knowing they didn’t have the votes, even from their own caucus, the Democrats pulled that package from the Wednesday vote that was defeated anyway.”

“Today is a mystery. I don’t know what they are going or not going to do. If they want to pick a tax fight today and we get a chance to defend the hard working folks of California we’re ready to pick that fight.”

Berryhill added, “For the first time in awhile they are sincerely at the table negotiating a little bit higher cuts. I think they’ll be coming to us … I don’t know if it’s today or not. Today or tomorrow I think they gotta do it this week just because of that deadlne (July 1 starts the new fiscal year.)

“I think that they (the Democrats) are trying to find themselves over there. They are not united and they are not leading.”