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Alcohol Banned From Mother Lode Fair

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Sonora, CA — Again this year alcohol will be banned from being carried into the Mother Lode Fair.

Sonora Police Chief  Mark Stinson was Thursday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

Police Chief Mark Stinson says no one will be permitted to bring any type of alcoholic beverage into the Mother Lode Fairgrounds for the three day event that opens Friday.

All coolers and backpacks will be inspected at the entrance gates. Those found to be with alcohol will be instructed to dispense of the product or they will be refused admittance.

Adults who pass alcohol to minors will be cited along with underage individuals with alcohol on their person. 

Stinson notes there will be a minimum of a dozen officers (some undercover).

Vendors have been instructed to notify law enforcement personnel should they spot any infraction or an individual who has had too much to drink

Stinson encourages the public to report anyone who they suspect may have had too much to drink. “We need everybody to be our eyes and ears for trouble because we just don’t have as many offices as we would like. We want to keep this event a true “family affair.”

For more details about what is happening at the fair and when see our Mother Lode Fair events page.

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