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Tuolumne County Supervisors Approve Trolley Buses

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Sonora, CA — By a unanimous vote this morning the Tuolumne County supervisors approved the purchase of two trolley buses.

The buses will be purchased using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Federal Transit Administration funds. The cost of the two buses will be approximately $383,000.

Deputy Director of Transportation Darin Grossi commented, "The Freightliner built buses have a proven track record for performance and would be a boon to the local tourist industry. We’re probably about six months our for having them on the streets. We’ll also be painting them green." 

George Segarini, the president and CEO of the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce, commented that he had become aware that such buses existed in Stockton and, "Why would Stockton have such nice tourist oriented buses and we don’t? I’m thrilled that we have the opportunity to do this."

Segarini added, "It will help enhance the tourist experience up here. It was always my thought that that type of an operation would tie together Jamestown, Sonora and Columbia as our historical areas that people could jump on the bus and view each one of our communities in that fashion."