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P.G.& E. Franchise Fees Headed To The Mother Lode

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San Francisco, CA — Close to a million dollars is on its way to the Mother Lode thanks to P.G.& E. franchise fees.

A franchise fee is a percentage of gross receipts that P.G.& E. pays cities and counties for the right to use public streets to run gas and electric service. The franchise fee surcharge is a percentage of the transportation and energy costs to customers choosing to buy their energy from third parties. P.G.& E. collects the surcharges and passes them to cities and counties.

Mother Lode communities receiving franchise fees include Angels Camp ($42,396.17), Sonora ($40,686.91), Unincorporated Calaveras County ($463,547.94) and Unincorporated Tuolumne County ($398,425.96).