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“Last Call” Sunday At Lumberyard Brewery

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Standard, CA — Citing tough economic times the Lumberyard Brewery in Standard will close its doors after this weekend.

Co-owner and Brewmaster Mike Hastings says that the brewery will host Super Bowl festivities Sunday that he hopes will draw in a crowd, and the business will close the following day.

“Given the current economic crisis, we find that next year is probably going to be even less prosperous than this year, so at this point in time we had to make a business decision to close,” he says.

The current ownership group has had the brewery and restaurant since 2007.

“We´re still in negotiations about what we are going to do with the back room,” adds Hastings. “It would be nice if sometime down the road someone, such as an angel, would take it over and do whatever they like.”

The Lumberyard Brewery is located at 19040 Standard Rd.

Written by BJ Hansen