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Motorcycle Noise Bill

Sacramento, CA– The roar of illegally modified motorcycles could soon be quieted thanks to a bill which will give law enforcement a tool to enforce noise level statutes for motorcycles.

Senator Fran Pavley of Santa Monica is the author of SB 435 and said, “The noise caused by illegally modified motorcycle exhaust systems is a major quality of life issue across the state. Basic common sense and decency dictates that when a motorcycle drives by and sets off every car alarm on the street, that is too loud. Additionally, many of the modifications which are aimed at making a bike louder such as removing the catalytic converter, also make the bike more polluting.”

Many motorcycle enthusiasts remove the factory installed emissions control equipment and replace it with custom parts that create a higher amount of noise and air pollution than the factory kits.  SB 435 passed the Senate Monday with a 21-16 vote and is now headed to the governor’s desk.

Written by tina.falco@mlode.com

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