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Lobbying For E.M.S. Funding

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Washington, CA — Kenny Hockett of Tuolumne County Ambulance is part of a group in Washington, DC this week lobbying Congress on issues related to Emergency Medical Services.

“Specifically we are going to be asking for an increase in Medicare reimbursement for ambulance services,” says Hockett. “Currently it is below the cost of service and we’re going to ask that it be increased by six percent, across the board.”

“That wouldn’t cover all the costs, but it would help,” adds Hockett.

In most rural areas, Medicare reimbursement for ambulance services is approximately 17 percent less than the actual cost.

The lobbying effort is being coordinated by the National Association of E.M.T.’s. Hockett received a grant from the organization to cover travel expenses.

The group will also be asking for additional grant funding for E.M.S., and federally supported research for evidence based medicine.

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