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Water Legislation Poll

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Sonora, CA — A new state poll shows that 55 percent of Californians plan to vote “no” on the $11.2 billion water package that will be on the November ballot.

34 percent are in favor and 11 percent are undecided. The poll was conducted by the San Francisco based Tulchin Research group.

From Tuolumne Utilities District General Manager Pete Kampa, “There are a great deal of misunderstandings concerning this legislation. I believe there’s going to be a big education push over the next couple of months to educate the public about the benefits and also the costs associated with this bond.

The impact of this bond measure on T.U.D. rate payers; when you look at the potential failure of this bond T.U.D. is at a point right now where over the next 15-20 years there will be a number of multi-million dollar projects that will need to be constructed either because it will provide long term cost efficiency or primarily because they are mandated by the state. These bonds will provide funding to help us pay for those costs.

Without the bonds it will be 100 percent up to the T.U.D. rate payers to pay the cost. T.U.D. doesn’t have a magic pot of money. It can’t draw on other state and federal programs. There is no other source of revenue except from rate payers.

Overall the impact on T.U.D. rate payers will be far more beneficial if the bond measure passes than if it fails.”

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