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Lungren Celebrating

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Washington, D.C. — Third District Congressional Representative Dan Lungren (Calaveras County) is in a celebratory mood today.

Along with his Republican peers Lungren is elated over the stunning victory pulled off in Massachusetts Tuesday where upstart Republican Scott Brown stole the late Edward Kennedy’s senatorial seat from Democrat Martha Coackley.

At the outset it was assumed the race would be a cakewalk for the 56 year old Massachusetts Attorney General. Kennedy had held that seat for 47 years before his passing last year.

Commented Lungren, "As some have said, this is the second shot heard around the world. What happened in Massachusetts was unique in that it became a national referendum on the health care bill. That a candidate (Scott Brown) who said that he would go to Washington and the U.S. Senate and vote against that bill made it the issue and so it made it a referendum on that particular issue.  When a state as liberal as Massachusetts can say we support the person who will stop that bill it means the rest of America feels even more strongly about it."

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