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Most Californians Fear Earthquakes

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San Francisco, CA– A new Field Poll says that over half of Californians fear earthquakes.

Statewide, 57% cite earthquakes as the natural disaster they fear the most. Wildfires are next with 23%, followed by a tsunami or tidal wave at 9%, and floods and mudslides at 5%. Six percent had no opinion or volunteered some other natural disaster.

Californians also believe a major earthquake is more likely to occur in the coming decade than felt this way in the past. A majority of voters (56%) now expects an earthquake causing major damage to occur in their area in the next ten years. Five years ago, just 40% of California voters felt this way.

Earthquake fears are by far the greatest among those living in the San Francisco Bay area (76%) and Los Angeles County (66%). In other parts of Southern and Northern California, earthquakes are also mentioned most, but fear of wildfires rank a close second.

The findings in this report are based on a Field Poll among a random sample of 950 registered voters in California.

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