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Community Colleges Cutting Enrollment

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Sacramento, CA– The California Community Colleges system may be forced to enroll 400,000 fewer students and cut thousands of classes because of statewide budget constraints.

Nearly three million students attend 112 state community colleges throughout California.

Columbia College Interim President Dr. Richard Jones says although he cannot estimate how many fewer students Columbia College will enroll, he says the college will reduce the overload class schedule by 25%.

“We’ll try to reduce and not offer those classes that typically have low enrollment and try to retain those that have high enrollment,” said Jones. “My advice is that if you plan to be a college student next year, get your registration material in as soon as possible because there will be classes that will close early as a result of this.”

Jones states that community college funding cuts in the long term will be devastating to the state of California.

“The community colleges are part of the economic solution and not the problem,” said Jones. “I think that you’ll find that there will be fewer people with the skills necessary for employment needs and more businesses will leave California. By diminishing community colleges, you’re doing a long term act that will diminish the state.”

The proposed budget also raises community college student fees from $26 to $36 per unit. Jones says that increase at Columbia College will begin with the Fall semester.

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