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Lawmakers Will Debate Taxes

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Sacramento, CA – California lawmakers will reconvene Tuesday, and there could be a vote on extending Governor Brown’s proposed tax extensions.

District 25 Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen says she opposes the temporary tax extensions, but says that doesn’t mean deeper spending cuts are the answer.

“What I’m really hoping for are reforms,” says Olsen. “I don’t think we can tax our way out of this problem, but I also don’t think we can cut are way completely out of this problem. We have to start talking about long term structural reforms that will bring economic prosperity back to California.”

On Friday a small group of Republican Senators put forth a list of 53 reforms that they would like to see approved, in exchange for supporting Brown’s special election. They include public employee pension reforms, relaxing restrictions on businesses, and cutting back the California Environmental Quality Act. The Governor met with some lawmakers over the weekend, but his office reports that little progress was made.

The Governor is hoping that a vote on the proposed tax extensions will come on Tuesday.