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Surviving The Storm

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The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office has put together a list of 15 tips designed to help residents get through the upcoming winter storm.

1. A generator capable of running a refrigerator and some lights is a good idea as many areas of the county will be without power for an unknown period of time. Have extra fuel on hand.

2. Don’t park vehicles under trees. The limbs will become burdened with snow and can break off of the tree.

3. Make sure any exposed water pipes are well insulated.

4. Put fresh batteries in your flashlights.

5. Have a supply of food that doesn’t need to be cooked on hand.

6. Have a supply of fresh water.

7. If you take medications, have an adequate supply on hand.

8. Make arrangements with someone you know that has a tractor or truck with a snow plow to plow your driveway.

9. Have ample warm clothing for everyone in the house.

10. Have an alternate heat source ready. Kerosene or propane heaters are not recommended indoors. If you decide to use these, be sure there is adequate ventilation. The concentrated fumes are deadly. If you use a wood or pellet stove, make sure you have plenty of dry wood/pellets on hand.

11. Make sure you have everything your pets or livestock will need.

12. Be sure to charge any devices such as cell phones and emergency lights prior to the storm arriving.

13. A battery powered radio can keep you stay informed when the power is out.

14. If you live in the higher elevations, put tire chains on now.

15. If you have to be mobile, you might consider a motel/hotel room in the lower elevations.

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