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Denham Hopes Economy Is Focus

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Washington, DC — President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address Tuesday, and it will be the first for newly elected Mother Lode Congressional leader Jeff Denham.

“The President recently has talked about reduced regulation and reduced taxation, and I hope he continues with that theme,” says Denham, a Republican. “We cannot bring our economy back and get rid of this national debt we have, and the reliance on China’s money, until we cut regulation and taxes. I’m hopeful that he continues on with this new found theme that he has, and I think the State of the Union is a great platform to do that.”

President Obama stated over the weekend that he hopes to boost U.S. “competitiveness,” so that the country can retain its standing as the largest and most influential country. The President is expected to address the topic Tuesday evening, and will likely call for increasing U.S. exports and improving the U.S. education system.

Denham says he also expects discussion on health care to come up in the President’s speech. Denham supported a House of Representatives vote to repeal the package signed by the President last year. Denham says he believes that the President’s Healthcare reform legislation is a mixture of “bad policy and bad timing.”

President Obama’s State of Union Address can be heard on 1450 KVML Tuesday evening at 6pm. Pre-coverage begins at 5pm.

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