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New Laws For California

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Sacramento, CA — Hundreds of new laws go into effect in California today. Laws range from increasing the penalties for sex offenders to restricting the use of trans fats by bakeries.

It is now a misdemeanor to knowingly impersonate someone by e-mail or on an internet social networking website for the purpose of deceiving or causing harm to another person. Anyone under the age of 21 must take a motorcycle safety course before being issued a riding permit. Marijuana possession is now a minor infraction, similar to a parking ticket, with the maximum fine being $100.

Restaurants that have 20 or more locations must now include the calorie count on all menus, and on the menu board above the counter. Residents can continue to receive unemployment insurance benefits while enrolled in job training or education courses.

The minimum threshold for a crime to be considered grand theft is increasing from $400 to $950. The minimum fine for people granted probation for domestic violence is increasing from $200 to $400.

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