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Gaines Calls For New Gun Restrictions

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Sacramento, CA — Republican Senator Ted Gaines is calling for lawmakers to make sure that some mentally ill Californians do not own a firearm.

Gaines previously represented Calaveras County up until redistricting went into effect earlier this month. Current California law bans gun use by residents that are declared by a judge to be a “danger to others” due to a mental disorder or mental illness. However, upon completion of treatment, they can petition to the court to receive a certificate saying they are approved to possess a firearm.

“Although California has the toughest gun laws in the nation, there is a loophole that must be closed for those determined by a court to be dangerously mentally ill,” says Gaines. “I hope everyone with any mental illness gets the treatment, and rehabilitation they need, to live a healthy and productive life. But if the court has ruled you are a danger to others, that’s it. That is your one strike. We are not going to pave the way for you to own a firearm ever again.”

In light of the shootings in Connecticut, Gaines stated that it’s time for lawmakers to take a hard look at gun violence.

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