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Gunshots In Avery

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Avery, CA — A Calaveras County man has been arrested after a dispute with a neighbor.

The charges stem from incidents that happened over the span of several days in the Safari Mobile Home Park in Avery. 45-year-old David Michaelson accused his neighbor, 42-year-old David McKinsey, of stealing a gun from him. Michaelson went into McKinsey’s home, took out a handgun, and then went out and pointed it at McKinsey in the parking lot. Michaelson allegedly threatened to kill McKinsey, and then shot one bullet into the air. Sheriff’s Deputies were notified, and Michaelson fled the area before they could arrive.

Days later, residents in the mobile home park called the Sheriff’s Office reporting McKinsey was outside Michaelson’s home yelling and breaking out windows. Michaelson was inside the trailer, appearing to be pointing a handgun out the window.

Deputies arrived and found that Michaelson was merely pointing a toy gun at McKinsey in this particular incident. Michaelson was then arrested for the previous altercation that occurred a few days earlier. The Sherriff’s Office says there is no evidence that McKinsey earlier had stolen a gun from Michaelson. Michaelson was charged with violation of probation, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, and negligent disarm of a firearm. McKinsey was given a citation for vandalism because of the broken window.