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Health Care of Inmates Back To State

Sacramento, CA — The California Department of Corrections is going to be taking back over two key parts of the prison inmate health care system after seven years of control by the federal courts. California Corrections and Rehabilitations Spokesperson Jeffery Callison say those key parts include hiring employees, transportation of inmates to health facilities and control of the actual facilities.

Callison says, “It is further affirmation that health care is at a level that satisfies the constitution. It’s proof of that. It also means that we’re getting closer to the day when federal oversight is removed from the health care system and it’s returned to state control. Also, it means we are getting closer to resolving the costly class action lawsuit that lead to the courts appointing a receiver to run health care.”

The state has spent billions of dollars improving prison medical conditions. Friday the state will assume responsibility for hiring employees as it prepares to open a $1 billion prison medical complex in Stockton.