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Election Myths Busted

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Sonora, CA — As the November election nears, there are some myths that Tuolumne County’s Election Official wants to debunk. Debi Russell-Bautista says nearly 70 percent of voters in the county vote by mail, but some people are still leery and worrying their vote will only be counted if it’s a close election.

“We count every ballot whether or not somebody votes at a polling place, by mail or if they vote provisionally.” Provisional votes are those where a person votes at a polling place where they’re not registered. “If they are a valid registered voter, we count their vote whether it’s a billion to one. We would still tally every single ballot until every vote has been counted,” says Russell-Bautista.

She says another popular myth is that mail-in-ballots aren’t counted until after the election night. Russell-Bautista says, “That’s absolutely not true! With so many people voting by mail in the county, those numbers must be counted to get an accurate count.”

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