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A New Day Center In Calaveras County

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San Andreas, CA – After attempts to come up with their own plan to service AB109 offenders in Calaveras County, the Community Corrections Partnership unanimously approved hiring BI Inc. to run its day reporting center. The center will be located at the Government Building near the Substance Abuse building.

Calaveras County Probation Chief Teri Hall says, “We are very happy to be able to offer this high level of service in our County. It will be nice to have two back to back counties that offer the same type of programming. You know we can offer the same type of training and vice-a-versa, if we send someone over to Tuolumne County to be supervised. So we are going to work on Amador County that’s the next project, but they (BI Inc.) are very effective in reducing recidivism because they are giving these offenders the programming they need and the life skills they need to change their behavior. They have been very successful in that in many jurisdictions.”

AB 109 realigns certain responsibilities for lower level offenders, adult parolees and juvenile offenders from state to local jurisdictions. AB 109 will give local law enforcement the right and the ability to manage offenders.

BI Inc will cost nearly $238,000 dollars annually to run the day reporting center. It manages probation programs for many central California Counties and even some in San Diego. Hall says they hope to have the center up and running in the next couple of months.

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