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A Time To Reshape California Parks

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Sonora, CA – Great-Great-Grandson to Naturalist, John Muir, Robert Hanna has always been a big advocate of California Parks, but he says now is the time to act and bring about real change. Some may question his timing with the recent budget cuts and parks scandal, where $54 million dollars was found sitting in two accounts as over 70 parks were on the chopping block, including Railtown 1897.

At an appreciation night for supporters of Railtown 1897, Mariposa Mineral Museum and Mono Lake Tufa Reserve, Hanna told the crowd, “Where we are at right now, is we have an unbelievable opportunity to build a park system that’s never been seen before. We have an opportunity to re-introduce the parks into people lives. After the scandal, many people would look at the system and not be sure what to do. I am excited because moving forward we have an opportunity for everybody to come together and the most amazing part is every single person out there has something to contribute. It’s getting those people and inspiring them to get up and act and to take back ownership and have that fire lit and to re-introduce parks in their lives today.”

The event was at held the Sonora Opera House Tuesday night. It honored those who worked to help raise money to keep area parks open.