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Shermantine Can Help Search For Victims

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Sacramento, CA The Associated Press reports Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill allowing death-row inmate Wesley Shermantine to help authorities search for the remains of his long-dead victims.

AB 2357 allows Corrections Secretary Matthew Cate to remove Shermantine from prison to help investigators locate missing bodies.

State lawmakers pushing the bill argue that Shermantine and co-conspirator Loren Herzog could be connected to as many as 72 cold cases throughout Northern California. Herzog committed suicide in January when he learned that Shermantine was talking to authorities about the remains of victims. Bone fragments were recently found in both Calaveras and San Joaquin Counties.

The bill only allows Shermantine to leave when he is helping to find remains and evidence, and would expire on January 1st.

The methamphetamine fueled killings happened in the 1980’s and 90’s.