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Hawkins On Sonora Issues

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Matt Hawkins is wrapping up his first two years as a Sonora City Council member.

Hawkins was Wednesday’s KMVL “Newsmaker of the Day”.

According to Hawkins, the most satisfying task of the last two years has been balancing the city budget and this time ending up $170,000 in the black.

“We have a balanced budget for the second time in four years. That’s the good news. The down side was that as necessary budget cuts were made, we were dealing with people’s jobs, many of whom are very good employees” said Hawkins.

Upon his arrival in July 2010, Hawkins was unhappy to discover that the City “did not have a full balanced budget.”

Hawkins says that he is pleased with the job performance of City Administrator Tim Miller, as well as Sonora Mayor Bill Canning.

Canning will remain Mayor until July 15th. Then, on Monday July 16th, Councilman Hank Russell will become the Mayor of the City of Sonora. Also on that day, Connie Williams will begin her first day on the Sonora City Council. Williams was elected during the June 5th Primary.

Hawkins said, “I welcome Williams to the Council and am looking forward to working with her”.

One potential future controversy to be aware of is chickens. Currently, chickens are banned in Sonora. But that could change.

Hawkins said, “The largest concern with residents having chickens are the potential noise and smell for nearby neighbors. I’m talking with and listening to my constituents.”

“Regardless of the issues, we have to continue to make smart and honest decisions,” Hawkins said. “People elected me to stick to my principles and I’ll continue to do that”.

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