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Vote-By-Mail Count In For Calaveras County

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Calaveras County, CA – The vote-by-mail count didn’t help District One, Supervisor candidate, Gary Tofanelli, to break the 50 plus one vote he needed to win the race.
Currently, he has 47.71 percent of the vote.

There are still 243 provisional votes left to count. Those are votes that need to be checked and certified.

However, the County’s Clerk Recorder, Madaline Krska says they don’t even know what districts those votes are in, and it would be a long shot if they were enough to put Tofanelli over the top.

She says a run-off election between Tofanelli and Cliff Edson is likely. Edson is in second place with 39.65 percent of the votes.

Krska says the count from the provisional votes will take until next week to complete.