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Over Half A Million To Local Students

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Students in the Mother Lode have been overwhelmed with generosity from area businesses.

One hundred and thirty-three Sonora High School Students received a total of $197,250 in scholarships.

The Sonora Adult Education, Theodore Bird Independent Study and Dario Cassina had 74 students awarded scholarships totaling $34,300

Diana Harford, Principal, Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy says, 58 seniors at Summerville will receive $157,000 in scholarship money.

Terri Tanner the College and Career Advisor at Calaveras High School said that 85 seniors received scholarships, the total from local programs was $143,000.

Bret Harte High School reported 73 students receiving a total of $187,000

Clarke Broadcasting awarded its annual $2,000 four year scholarships to: Howard Blazzard Jr. of Sonora High, Jodi Flores of Summerville High and Serena June Hata at Cassina High.