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Students Witness Simulated Accident

Sonora, CA — Juniors and Seniors at Sonora High School were witness to the consequences of D.U.I. driving at 8:00am this morning.

Students witnessed emergency personnel clean up after a simulated accident between two vehicles with four students injured in a head-on collision. It is part of the annual “Every 15 Minutes” campaign that symbolizes that every 15 minutes someone dies in a D.U.I. accident.

There were sober faces and some tears among the watching students. The full simulation involves several students taken away by ambulance, the body of a deceased student driven away in a hearse, and the responsible driver placed under arrest.

Sonora High Principal Todd Dearden gave a moving speech afterward saying, “Make smart choices. I, your teachers, your friends, your parents, don’t ever want you to go through this.” He added, “If you feel the need to talk to somebody come to the counseling department… More important, find time for each other as groups, visit with each other. Make pacts, make a contract with each other, that you are not going to make stupid decisions.”

Tomorrow Sonora High will hold an assembly to watch video taken of the event and summarize the “Every 15 Minutes” program. Only then will the students involved in the simulated accident make a return to school.

Multiple area law enforcement agencies participated in today’s drill including Tuolumne County Ambulance, CHP, and Tuolumne County Fire.