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Calaveras Business Captures Shoplifter

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Valley Springs, CA — A Calaveras County man faces multiple charges after trying to steal $10.70 worth of items.

Over the weekend, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office reports that workers at the MarVal Food Store in Valley Springs detained a man that they caught trying to shoplift merchandise. 22-year-old Conrad Hotvedt allegedly stuffed several “beanie style” watch caps and gloves into his pants and attempted to leave the store. Workers at the store detained Hotvedt until the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department could arrive. When deputies came into the store they found the stolen items in Hotvedt’s possession, as well as a methamphetamine smoking pipe.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that while Hotvedt was later being transported to county jail, he vandalized the rear seat of the patrol car by breaking a plastic divider away from the security partition.

He now faces charges of burglary, vandalism and possession of drug paraphernalia.