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Community Weighs In On Presidential Race

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Sonora, CA — The remaining four GOP candidates have vowed to stay in GOP primary race. The Kansas Caucus is today as well as U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands. On Monday Alabama, Hawaii and Mississippi will cast their votes. California’s 2012 GOP primary is not until June 5th.

An informal poll question asked; If all five of these names appeared on the presidential ballot, who would you vote for?

The results of the three day, 975 responses, were as follows:

Barack Obama 24% (242)
Mitt Romney 17% (175)
Newt Gingrich 15% (157)
Ron Paul 14% (146)
Rick Santorum 13% (137)

“None of the above” had 118 votes or twelve percent. In total 61% said they would vote for a Republican, but President Obama came out on top of this poll because the GOP vote was split.

Also interesting is that Texas Representative Ron Paul received more votes than Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

As reported February 22nd in “California Republicans Favor Romney Over Santorum” California field poll results put Romney at 31 percent, Santorum 25 percent, Ron Paul 16 percent and Newt Gingrich 12 percent. It was a sharp rise statewide for Santorum, who received only two percent in a similar poll taken last November.

According to the Associated Press, Santorum “figures to do well” in the Kansas Caucus because of strong support from abortion opponents.

The AP noted that Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received a boost when Kansas GOP icon Bob Dole, the 88-year-old former U.S. Senate majority leader and 1996 presidential nominee, urged fellow Kansans to support him.