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Second Spellman Recall Petition

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San Andreas, CA– A second petition to recall Calaveras County Supervisor Darren Spellman is pending. Darren Spellman represents District 5 which includes residents of Milton, Jenny Lind, and Rancho Calaveras. He was elected in 2010 and his term is up in December 2014.

The official notice of intent states that Spellman “Failed to perform the basic responsibilities of his position.” The notice contains several accusations and that Spellman should not have voted against Federal and State grant funding for a Veterans Services position. In summary it states that Spellman is ineffective because he has alienated the other Board members.

In his official response, submitted today with the county elections office, Spellman says he is always available by phone, email and text to respond in real time if necessary. It also states his commitment is to those who voted for him and the county. Adding that, “it’s no surprise the small, but vocal, insider group is upset I won’t join their club.”

The proponents of the recall have yet to file the petition wording, perhaps waiting for the response from Spellman which was submitted today. After the petition is approved they will have 90 days to acquire 1,702 voter signatures, which is 25 percent of the voters in District 5. The last recall effort failed but organizers did obtain 1,336 signatures.

If the required signatures are met, it would then go to the ballot for voters to decide.