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“Exemptions” Delay TOT Vote

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors will wait until next meeting to finalize a plan for a ballot measure related to the Transient Occupancy Tax expansion.

The Supervisors are planning to ask voters in June to expand the T.O.T. so that it includes campgrounds, RV parks and houseboats. The proposal that the Supervisors discussed today would exempt both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from having to pay the T.O.T.

Supervisor Evan Royce brought up that he’d like it also to exempt groups like those that currently run youth religious camps. Supervisor Dick Pland added that he supports that concept. There was also discussion about whether to exempt other youth organizations like the YMCA. Supervisor John Gray said he would like more clarity regarding proposed exemptions at the next meeting, and the financial impact. Supervisor Liz Bass also voiced concerns about the idea of exemptions, and how it will be decided which groups apply.

A final T.O.T. proposal will be voted on in two weeks, and it would then go before voters in June. Extra money from the T.O.T. expansion could be used to financially support Railtown 1897 and the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.


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