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Fowler Attorney: No Smoking Gun

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San Andreas, CA — A trial date for Isiah Fowler will be set on July 31st in Calaveras County in relation to the death of his sister Leila.

The 12-year-old appeared for a scheduled closed door hearing at the courthouse in San Andreas yesterday where he entered a formal plea of not guilty.

One of the boy’s defense attorneys, Mark Reichel, says the team is still in the process of reviewing all of the information submitted from the District Attorney’s Office, and are also conducting their own investigation into the case. He says the review period is in week three of a 6-8 week process. “We aren’t waivering in our belief in our client’s innocence,” says Reichel. “From my initial review, I have not found anything that I would call a ‘smoking gun’ that would scare us off in the least bit from going to trial and prevailing.”

Isiah Fowler is charged with second degree murder in connection to his sister’s death. She died of multiple stab wounds.

The 15 day criminal investigation shook the Valley Springs community. “The family is appreciative of the support they get, and they appreciate that they are now just starting to be left alone a little bit,” adds Reichel. “I will tell you that there are a lot of crazy rumors and speculation going on around the Valley Springs and San Andreas area, and it’s really tough for the family to hear. I mean really ludicrous stories that catch people’s attention, and there really is no foundation for all these crazy stories.”

Reichel did not go into any further detail.

Fowler is being held in a Placerville Juvenile facility.