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Global Warming Call To Action

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Mountain View, CA — Governor Jerry Brown has been crusading for climate change and now he is joining scientists who released a 20-page call to action regarding environmental problems including pollution, extinctions and population growth.

Brown says, “This is not just about science, this is about activism. This is an important challenge, cause and undertaking. We can do it, but we have to do a lot more than we’re doing now.”

Governor Brown and the scientists released the call to action at the fourth annual Water, Energy and Smart Technology Summit and Showcase at NASA Ames Research Center. In a release from the Governor’s Office, it outlined five key threats and some solutions:

  • Climate change – Forecasts show that Earth will be hotter than the human species has ever experienced by the year 2070.

  • Extinctions – At the current rate of species extinction, the world will see the loss of 75 percent of vertebrate species within as little as three centuries.

  • Loss of ecosystems – As of 2012, more than 40 percent of Earth’s ice-free lands have been changed by human activity, causing species extinction and other impacts to Earth’s biodiversity.

  • Pollution – Increasing levels of toxic substances in the environment put over 100 million people at direct risk of health problems.

  • Population growth and consumption – Human population growth contributes to global environmental disruption by adding greenhouse gases and toxic pollutants to the environment and altering ecosystems.

The governor has repeatedly called for revisions in public policy to better address the impacts of the changing climate on the world’s economy and environment. Click here to view that call to action and the list of scientists from 44 countries who signed the document. They include two Nobel laureates, 33 members of the U.S. National Academy of the Sciences and members of international scientific academies.

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