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YCCD Denies Gervin’s Appeal

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Modesto, CA — The Yosemite Community College District met in closed session yesterday to discuss the firing of Columbia College’s President.

Dr. Dennis Gervin was on hand at the meeting in Modesto. YCCD Board Chair Abe Rojas opened up the special session by reading a prepared statement:

“Dr. Gervin through his attorney alleged that the YCCD had violated the Brown Act because he was not given 24-hour notice with respect to his termination. The YCCD Board of Trustees do not agree that there was any Brown Act Violation, but out of an abundance of caution, and in order to allow Dr. Gervin an opportunity to be heard in this important matter, we are open to reviewing it again. The first step in this process is to withdraw the notice we authorized at the February 2013 Board meeting. “

The Board of Trustees entered into closed session to discuss the matter, and came out and reaffirmed its decision to terminate Gervin’s contract. Rojas stated:

“After hearing from Dr. Gervin in closed session at his request, and reviewing the documents he presented, and after hearing from Dr. Smith regarding her recommendation based on Dr. Gervin’s evaluation and performance, the Board of Trustees in closed session took action unanimously to authorize the Chancellor to give Dr. Dennis Gervin notice, as required by his employment agreement, that the District will terminate Dr. Gervin’s employment agreement in 60 days. Dr. Gervin will have an opportunity during the 60 days to address the Board again if he desires.”

Little information has been released by the district as to why Gervin was fired. Gervin has claimed it was unjust. He took over the Presidency of Columbia College in July of 2011. Leslie Buckalew is currently serving as Columbia College’s Acting President.