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Sonora Bear Sighting

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Sonora, CA — The Sonora Police is putting out advice regarding bears…after a black bear was spotted in the city limits last night.

The SPD reports that the bear was spotted along Sonora Avenue at around 9pm, and it was last seen running off into a wooded area east of Southgate Road. Click here to view a map.

Bears often start coming out around the springtime, so the PD is encouraging residents to work towards making it less enticing for them to visit your property.

Some of the advice from the Police Department:

-Bears are often attracted to the smell of garbage, so be careful if storing it in an outside can, vehicle or nearby trailer.

-Compost piles can attract bears if they include meat products, dairy or fruit.

-The smell of recently used barbeques can attract bears, so try to burn off any remaining food and properly cover it afterwards.

-Bears are attracted to bird feeders. It is advised to consider limiting the use of bird feeders to only the months of November through March.