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Police Dog Finds Backpack With Drugs

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Angels Camp, CA — Angels Camp Police use their police canine to search a backpack containing narcotics, but the suspected drug dealer gets away.

On Saturday afternoon, April 6 an Angels Camp Police officer stopped a car in the 600 block of Stanislaus Avenue. The driver, Jesse J. Taylor, a 29 year-old Arnold resident, ran away from the car into a yard and jumped a fence. The officer attempted to follow Taylor, but a dog in the yard attempted to bite him.

Taylor was able to escape, the vehicle that Taylor was driving was towed and impounded.

The blue backpack Taylor was seen wearing during the incident was located in the backyard of the home. A police canine was used to sniff the back pack and its contents. The dog alerted to the odor associated with narcotics. A search of the backpack revealed approximately two ounces of methamphetamine, packaging and other material associated with the sale of narcotics, plus mail and court paperwork bearing Taylor’s name.

The investigation is ongoing, Taylor is currently wanted for charges related to the possession of narcotics and paraphernalia, possession of narcotics for sales, transportation of narcotics, resisting / obstructing an officer, and driving on a suspended driver license.

Anyone with information related to the location of Taylor is encouraged to telephone the Angels Camp Police Department at either 209-736-2567 or 209-754-6500.