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Search For Possible Drowning Victim At Knights Ferry

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Knights Ferry, CA — A five year-old girl tragically was swept underwater yesterday afternoon in the Knights Ferry recreation area near the covered bridge.

The Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District, and Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office, responded at around 5pm with air, ground and water resources. The girl reportedly was on a rock near the water when she slipped and fell. Family members and bystanders jumped into the water to try to save her, but she was swept away underwater. Rescue crews searched for three hours until it was no longer safe to do so because of the dark. The Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District is urging anyone planning to recreate near the water to wear a life jacket, as it is very cold, and can move very fast. It has not been released where the young girl resided.

  • Knights Ferry Drowning
  • Knights Ferry Drowning
  • Drowning at Knights Ferry